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Sitcom Writing for Creatives

Want to provide some super training for your creatives (and anyone else in your team?). Want to know the sitcom character and plot conventions that you can use in your work and beyond? We offer one-day, half-day and 3 x hour-long workshops as well as bespoke training for your company.

Learn the structure of traditional sitcoms, how they’re similar to adverts and the crucial difference.

Use proven techniques to create characters with all of their relatable flaws, likes, wants, needs and desires. Get to know those characters inside and out. Put them in situations that audiences can relate to.


“Declan is not only incredibly knowledgeable about the art of crafting and shaping sitcoms, he’s also a genuinely nice bloke.  We met him at the start of our TV writing careers, and entering his Sitcom Mission was one of the major stepping stones in allowing us to break into the industry – not just because of his advice, but because of his ability to charm major industry figures into paying attention.  What we appreciated most was that Declan wasn’t interested in saying ‘this is the right way to do this’, but instead worked with us to hone our work to our own satisfaction.”
BAFTA Award-winning Andrew Jones and Ciaran Murtagh, showrunners of Mr Bean, Diddy Dick and Dom, writers of The Amazing World of Gumball, Danger Mouse and many others.

It Works!

“As a CD/Copywriter in advertising I found this workshop really helpful in my character development. It allowed me to create a back story for the lead in a TV script I wrote, and gave me license to create a really interesting personality. I could also defend this character in the client meeting as I knew her inside and out. Subsequently the script was bought (after 6 months of previous work from every creative in the department) and shot in LA.”

Antonia Green, Creative Director

It’s Fun!

“So much fun!”

“A well-planned and executed three-hour marathon.”

“The atmosphere was fun and very friendly. I felt open to share my answers with the group.”

“I found it very eye opening and interesting to see that there was such an obvious structure to the sitcoms that I hadn’t previously thought about.”

It’s Flexible!

Whether you’re looking for a one-hour taster or “a well-planned and executed three-hour marathon” we’ve got a training programme to suit your team.

If you’re looking for an away-day playshop or some end-of-the-day training, we’ve got fun games to play and writing exercises to tickle your creativity.

Contact us for a schedule or to integrate us into your wider training programme.

Tel: 07808 776914


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