Script Reading

As co-producer of The Sitcom Mission, I read over 3500 sitcom scripts and gave feedback on over 500 of them. I know that my feedback adds value and can improve your chances of success in writing competitons such as BBC Writers Room, BAFTA Rocliffe or The Sitcom Mission.

Buy the Book

Before paying for feedback, why not save yourself some money by purchasing a 5* Amazon-review book on sitcom writing? For less than a fiver, you’ll have the building blocks to creating your sitcom at 20 minutes a day. Easily the best investment you can make.

Script Reading and Feedback

First 3 Pages – FREE!

The first three pages of your script are the most important. A script reader will decide on the first page whether or not they like your script. By page three they’ve decided whether they’re going to carry on reading. I’ll do a one-paragraph summary of the first three pages for free.

1-Page Bullet Point Feedback £30

A full page of feedback, identifying strengths and weaknesses of your script, with action points to improve it.

3-5 Page Detailed Feedback £50

A full page-by-page report on your script, covering:





Invest in yourself. Improve your chances.

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